I Survived 1,800 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...


1,700 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: ilnumber.info/item/wyd-w/aZejb2eeqLecvXg

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In this Minecraft video I survive 1800 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

100 Days Video Playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Tutorials I used for this video:
Villager Breeder: ilnumber.info/item/wyd-w/ZabJnW2asLChvK4
Snow Block Farm: ilnumber.info/item/wyd-w/mrmSsI2dp7OFmIg

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! www.youtube.com/user/Creolesb...

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  1. Jacky boi

    Jacky boi

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    When are you going to make a 1900 days video please make it today i can't wait for it ☺

  2. VlogAfterSchool


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    He didn’t die.

  3. Rosanne Purnwasie

    Rosanne Purnwasie

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    Where have you been you haven’t been posting these videos?

  4. ShadowLegend


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    Sb737: more concerned about a forest than a mansion filled to the brim with hostile mobs. Me:Wot?

  5. Shadow craft Xd

    Shadow craft Xd

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    Fundy new impossible difficulty plz defeat bit

  6. pawan gautam

    pawan gautam

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    u can make a ainchent how do you spell is anchint debris gen 2 command_block 64 quarts slab stair block

  7. pooya_crafter_38


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    Pls upload a map to download

  8. Loonjie Go

    Loonjie Go

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    Pls Make 1900 days hardcore video tomorrow🙂

  9. LacieLive


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    Oh wow.. it’s been years since I’ve watched sb737 but I got the thought to come back :D I remember watching sb737 when I was down and stuff

  10. Chetan Choudhary

    Chetan Choudhary

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    Bro use sharder



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    I have a hardcore of 4 and a half years

  12. Giridhari Raju

    Giridhari Raju

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    hi sb when are you uploading the next video

  13. Deline Briscoe

    Deline Briscoe

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    can u put a shulker box in a shulker box

  14. Tyler Byard

    Tyler Byard

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    Do it half a slab lower

  15. Baby.Kids. Tune

    Baby.Kids. Tune

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    Next one please

  16. Antony Oommen

    Antony Oommen

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    Why don't you make a death Star

  17. jay potot

    jay potot

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    The most time consuming build it's not redstone build but a treasure room

  18. The Noob New Gamers

    The Noob New Gamers

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    Im waiting for 1900 days survive in hardcore



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    We need 1900 hundred days

  20. Zue Zuely

    Zue Zuely

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    the spawner need to be a skeloton farm infinit bone arrow and bow

  21. Zue Zuely

    Zue Zuely

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    do more hardcore pls 1900 and 2000 and 2100

  22. 7Days


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    I love your creativity 😍

  23. 호주에서 노는 아이들

    호주에서 노는 아이들

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    I saw cheating

  24. kavita singh

    kavita singh

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    he will die on day 100000000000000 or never

  25. matisse legouge

    matisse legouge

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    Why hasn't he posted any videos for 2 weeks?

  26. Anil Gupta

    Anil Gupta

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    Are you going to do a vid on 1900 days on Saturday ?

  27. Lakhvinder Kour

    Lakhvinder Kour

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    Bro you smelt golden sword

  28. Priyadharsini T

    Priyadharsini T

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    Post a new vedio please

  29. Ivan Morales

    Ivan Morales

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    legendary please say my name next vlog

  30. Endy


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    GGs to that mansion

  31. The 3 bros

    The 3 bros

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    You should add walking is for peasants

  32. Connor Earl Games

    Connor Earl Games

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    I love your videos

  33. Sam Khouazem

    Sam Khouazem

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    The day you posted this video the ext same day my 650$ phone got stolen 3h later😖

  34. Nely Danao

    Nely Danao

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    Hey can u make an passive mob farm for the next video

  35. BilliamNotDead


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    • BilliamNotDead


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      i still love him

    • BilliamNotDead


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  36. Logan DePinto

    Logan DePinto

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    Who rember day 1

  37. Ryan Hocking

    Ryan Hocking

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    Mob switch?

  38. Landon Pierce

    Landon Pierce

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    Do another 100 days

  39. dd pp

    dd pp

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    Where is 1900 days????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

  40. Bob reacts

    Bob reacts

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    i think sb737 dided

  41. Jer Eadz

    Jer Eadz

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    yo hi like ur vids btw wya havent seen you in 2 weeks

  42. TJTiger Jaguar

    TJTiger Jaguar

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    @SB737 You are one of the best youtubers!!!! :)

  43. Goatkidgio 123

    Goatkidgio 123

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    Why can’t you craft notch apples

    • ADHAM


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      Go ask Minecraft don’t ask us 😂

  44. The Turtle Plays

    The Turtle Plays

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    SB can you attempt Fundys impossible Challenge for $ 2000 Pleas I believe in you

  45. Vaggelis Mant

    Vaggelis Mant

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    Wait u r gonna just end it in 2000?😭

  46. man fart

    man fart

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    Ive just been rewatching this like 10000 times cuz its just soo good i love this content

  47. Aman Shazin

    Aman Shazin

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    Sb where is surviving 1900 days in hardcore minecraft

  48. Daniel Konečný

    Daniel Konečný

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  49. Jeel Kotadiya

    Jeel Kotadiya

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    Ok yaa

  50. HS737


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    I just started watching you it’s so addicting to watch your video’s

  51. Parth Mittal

    Parth Mittal

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    Your vidoes are the besttest I mean really you survived 1800

  52. U


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    Congrats on the mc championship win

  53. Jackson Sam

    Jackson Sam

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    Don't think people realize that in 5 years we will looking back at this again and call it nosglatic, it was my pleasure to able to view your video and admire your journeu

  54. Benjamin Chang

    Benjamin Chang

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    bro stoop cheating actually we know u are cheating we also saw that ur using morph mod just stop it

    • Juggling the eggs

      Juggling the eggs

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      He did it on accident and he never used it and he has takin it off

    • Benjamin Chang

      Benjamin Chang

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      im. unsubing

  55. Kubek Gaming

    Kubek Gaming

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    i watched all ur hardcore vids and other challanges after manhunt with 100 players or with random drops craftings i think you better than dream

  56. Ql1che


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    31:30 the slab down looks way better

  57. LoneWalker


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    When is the 1900 days coming ?

  58. Pro Man

    Pro Man

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    SB why you didn't upload any video on 18 September ????

  59. Cowboy Kid Live

    Cowboy Kid Live

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    Someone please remind me what day does he make new episodes

  60. Iron fox Gaming

    Iron fox Gaming

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    It's cool

  61. Scientific Matthew

    Scientific Matthew

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    Not sure what’s happening, he hasn’t uploaded in a week

  62. Tom Sachdev

    Tom Sachdev

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    Your videos are delaying :(... I am waiting!!

  63. Ishan Datar

    Ishan Datar

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    If SB737 dies in any of this series it will be on gamers react the next day with "When you lose your Hardcore world"😂😂😂😂

  64. NoobGamerYT


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  65. ph gaming chou user

    ph gaming chou user

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    I love sb iamwaiting 1900days

  66. Vuk Stošić

    Vuk Stošić

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    SB737, I think you should play Fundy's new impossible "$2000" difficulty, because Im ready to bet my money on you

  67. *xMochilobx*


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    U missed a advancement I'll tell u if I get 120 likes

  68. Breach TV

    Breach TV

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    He is so Smart he is the best player

  69. Aldo George r.a

    Aldo George r.a

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    a big chicken in the manision huhuuuuuuuuu

  70. boo !!!

    boo !!!

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    Next year day 1M to 1.1M

  71. Brody Devv

    Brody Devv

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    next: Blow up a whole mountain in hardcore minecraft



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    Bro send next video

  73. 06Husky brother24

    06Husky brother24

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    Is it Java edition

    • InsaneFlying


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      Yeah its java

  74. 06Husky brother24

    06Husky brother24

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    Sb what type of minecraft do you play

  75. somebody


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    I am pretty sure you can through a elytra and chestplate on a anvil and they combine....

    • Juggling the eggs

      Juggling the eggs

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      No they do not

  76. Aneesh Anee

    Aneesh Anee

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    Sb737= I am burning woodland mansion because i want hidden chest Me= 😅



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    Dielshaad Benjamin

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    Omar Shammout

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    Tanish Playz

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    Calvin Stepp

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    Lower half slabs

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    You should do more Bedwars videos and streams along this this content if you can lol. Great vids

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    Mitch Follis

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  84. River Eichler

    River Eichler

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    POWDERED SNOW FLOOR WITH GLASG.. it will be harrd

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    rushy 150

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    Why haven't you uploaded 1800 to 1900 yet

  87. Emy Rinio

    Emy Rinio

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    Sb i will be there seeinf you saying SURVIVING 5000 DAYS IN HARDCORE MINECRAFT :)

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    Neal Berg

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    Moriah Elizabeth 2.0

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  93. Pat Pat

    Pat Pat

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    ChoudhariFamily Loves mrbeast and Norris nuts

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